Wireless power transmitting technology developed by Fujitsu with compact design and high efficiency

September 14, 2010 will be a historic day in the arena of Electronics and Communication Technology as it enabled the Human race to transmit power without the use of wire and comes with a compact design of a highly efficient power transmit and receiving wireless system. The audience of the 2010 conference of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) had the opportunity to witness this remarkable achievement of the Fujitsu Laboratories Limited, where they presented their design of magnetic resonance based wireless charging system that can simultaneously recharge various portable electronic devices.

With the advent of several electronic devices (e.g. laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras other portable devices) we adopted a headache of carrying chargers. Portable devices inherently demanded a wireless charging system. We have been using the wireless charging system in our cordless phones over the years but it had its drawbacks too. Fujitsu proposed a more efficient system that will be 1/150th time faster than the current wire technology. It also enables charging multiple types of portable electronic devices from a long distance without any restriction on their positions. More information can be found in the Fujitsu Laboratories Limited website.

That day isn’t far, when we will be able to run our car, laptop, mobile phone and other portable electric devices and charge them altogether simultaneously using the wireless power system.

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