New DeskJet Printer From HP

The news was published on Computer Jagat Magazine in 1994

Hewlett-Packard, has replaced its most popular inkj et models with the introduction of four HP DeskJet printers that set a new print quality standard for low-cost office printing. The new HP DeskJet 520 printer for PCs, and the HP Deskwriter 520 printer for Macs, provide what HP believes to be the best black print quality available among low-cost printers. The new HP DeskJet 520 replaces the HP DeskJet 500 which was the world’s best selling printer.

The HP DeskJet 560C and the Deskwriter 560C for Macs are the new HP colour inkjet printers. These two printers come with HP’s revolutionary ColorSmart technology a significant advencement in colour printing. HP believes colorSmart will revolutionise colour printing in much the same way that autofocus cameras revolutionised 35mm photography. ColorSmart bridges the gap between colour experts and business professionals and will further fuel the growth in office colour printing.

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