HP Technology Leadership Seminar Held at Dhaka

Dhaka 12th April 2010: The Imaging and Printing Group of Hewlett-Packard (HP) organized an informative session on HP Technology Update at Ball Room at Dhaka Sheraton Hotel on Monday, 12 April, 2010. The event was followed by a gala dinner and was attended by invitees from more than 100 large and medium corporate customers.

HP is renowned as the largest IT equipment manufacturer in the world having over US$118 billion revenue world-wide in 2008. HP is ranked as number #1 world-wide in Inkjet, All-in-One, Mono and Color Laser printers, Scanners, Large Format Printers, Print Servers, Ink and Laser Supplies. HP has supplied over 556 million printers in more than 170 countries world-wide; among them are over 100 million LaserJet printers.

The General Manager AEC of Hewlett-Packard IPG, Mr. Irving Oh an the Country Business Development Manager Bangladesh of HP IPG, Mr. Shabbir Shafiullah attended a Q& A session with the media prior to the event. Mr. Irving gave a presentation on how HP is offering their customers more value for money.

Mr. Shabbir Shafiullah, Country Business Development Manager, HP IPG (L) and Mr. On eng Kiong Irving, General Manager, HP IPG AEC

He gave live examples how customers world-wide benefited by using HP having low total cost of ownership in long-run yet having high customer satisfaction level. He said that by using unique print languages in their device drivers, the HP printers reduce the load on customers’ office network. The printers also deliver much faster output with superior print quality by using HP ImageREt Technology. He mentioned that the HP inkjet printers is able to deliver up to 1.2 million directly printable colors which is the highest in the industry, as they use HP PhotoREt technology. The HP Print Cartridges also use unique state of the art technology and chemically grown toner particles in their LaserJet Print Cartridges that delivers more crisp, vibrant and life-like images.

Apart from Mr. Irving and Mr. Shafiullah, other HP officials like Mr. Ashaduzzaman also attended the event. The HP officials mainly talked about the HP product ranges available in Bangladesh market. They also requested the valued customers to check for the anti-tampering seal before buying any HP Print Cartridges. They said that the customers can verify it through www.checkgenuine.com to ensure they have received the Original HP Print Cartridges for the best value of their money. In the event concluding speech, Mr. Shabbir Shafiullah gave vote of thanks to the participants.

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