Intel Unveiled Xeon processor-based New Server Platforms

Originally Published on Computer Jagat Magazine in 2004

Intel Corporation unveiled a new generation of Intel Xeon processor-based server platforms on August 2, 2004. The platforms are based on an array of new performance-enhancing technologies and capabilities that collectively help to better address the evolving needs of enterprise computing.

Intel’s new dual-processor capable platforms, which are based on the Intel Xeon processor at 3.60 GHz introduced in June, utilize the new Intel E7520 and E7320 chipsets (formerly codenamed “Lindenhurst”) that vary in features and prices. The platforms also include the new Intel IOP332 Storage I/O Processor (formerly codenamed “Dobson”) that delivers improved RAID storage performance over previous generations. The platforms also incorporate a host of other new and enhanced memory, I/O and bus technologies that increase performance in key server benchmarks over prior generations.

“We’ve innovated and integrated the processor, chipset, storage and networking components with these technologies into platforms that help deliver a new standard in performance, reliability and cost,” said Abhi Talwalkar, Intel vice president and general manager, Enterprise Platforms Group. “Utilizing these technologies will enable the systems built on these platforms to perform many of the most demanding jobs business, science or government can throw at them.”

Other new technologies include faster DDR2 400 memory, a higher-throughput 800 MHz system bus and higher-bandwidth PCI Express interconnect technology than previous generations. Each works in concert with the performance, power optimization, and flexible 32- and 64-bit memory addressability of the Intel Xeon processor for balanced overall operation.

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