ALR Challenges IBM to dual

Published in 1992 (Computer Jagat)

ALR’s Powerpro/MC systems are being launched in direct competition to IBM’s PS/2 Model 95 system. The Powerpro/MC system microprocessor is upgradeable. Unlike the IBM PS/2 Model 95 system, the Powerpro/MC is designed to be dual processor– ready to satisfy future high performance computing requirements,” said Gregory Hauw, vice president of ALR Asia Pacific Operations.

The systems are based on a 50 or 33 MHz i486DX CPU and 32 bit Micro Channel bus. They incorporate 17 Mbytes of RAM expandable to 49 Mbytes on the system board. They provide a future upgrade path to accommodate dual 33 MHz or 50 MHz i486DX microprocessors. These IBM PS/2 compatible systems offer an industry standard platform capable or supporting off-the-shelf SCO Unix applications and Novell Netware. “At an aggressive price….the Powerpro/ MC is the world’s first Micro Channel personal computer to have dual processing capabilities,” said Hauw.

“ALR continues to offer price/performance without sacrificing cutting edge technology as indicated by the growing success of ALR’s Micro Channel based computers,” he added.

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