Bangladesh will Enjoy Graham’s Reliability

Published in 1992 (Computer Jagat)

Graham Magnetics, the computer industry’s most reliable half-inch computer tape manufacturer has given world wide fame to its small Texas home town-Graham. Now Graham stands for trust, so far computer tape is concerned.

Graham Magnetics is expanding its market steadily in mainland China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and now they want to have a strong presence in Bangladesh.

Graham’s Asia Pacific sales Manager Mr. K.L. Lim of Singapore was in Dhaka lately to explore the market potentiality of magnetic tape in Bangladesh. INFOTECH Ltd. a leading local computer company are their local distributor.

Large computer users often face problem in reel-to-reel tapes because of manufacturing faults. They bear extra processing cost to retrieve myriad of data. Low-priced tapes became high-cost in this way Mr. Lim explained that since Graham’s tape is very much tolerant to humidity and high temperature, it is very much suitable for a hot tropical country like Bangladesh. Even if the temperature rises up to 140°F and the humidity to 90%,’ the tape can bear it without slightest harm. They claim it as one of the hottest tape in the world. Mr. Lim asserts that a computer tape must have the specialty to withstand rugged temperature and humidity, otherwise    it ‘ will   develop sticky problem. Established in 1964 Graham became the first tape manufacturer to introduce the first computer tape which can exceed one million passes durability in 1970. In way to their steep rise to fame, Graham Magnetics again became the first tape manufacturer to introduce first 3 million passes tape Epoch 480 in 1973. Even up till now they are the only magnetic computer tape manufacturer in the world to achieve this unique feat of durability. They have legal document to substantiate this claim with a patent right (No. 4020227). Graham defines life of the Epoch 480 as a minimum of 25 years or three million passes and will be free from defects in material and manufacture under normal use for the life of the product. In other word it a permanent computer tape. Their competitors followed Graham to give 25 years warranty for only one million passes in 1984.

Mr. Lim who is in the computer business for last 15 years detailed out the chemistry of a computer tape. He said that the toughness of the oxide and special glue that hold the data matters most. Binder is the secret of their products. Due to strength of the oxide adhesion of magnetic coating to basefilm, it is very reliable with no cohesive failure.

Mr. Lim physically demonstrated a comparative peel test which again demonstrated that their tape’s strength is very durable. Mr. Lim rightly advised that a computer tape user must be very discreet while he chooses a tape and he should not compromise the quality for cost factor. Computer downtime are more costlier than the cost of tape. The data they may lost can be of million dollar worth. So quality should be of prime importance than the price.

Mr. Lim informed that Graham is not a big manufacturer and instead of becoming a major player in Magnetic tape market they are satisfied as a niche player in the oil exploration market. Their tape was expensive before but in the early eighties, they down scaled the price so most poeple can afford to use Graham’s now.

Mr. Lim sounds very optimistic when he said that the tape market of Bangladesh is growing gradually. In Bangladesh their chief rival will be IBM 3480 Tape cartridge. Lately, Fujitsu is also advancing to ‘curb the sole’ dominance of IBM in the 3480 Tape Graham is also the only manufacturer of computer tape cleaning equipment world-wide. We welcome Graham Magnetics Inc. in our humble market and wish them a good business over years to come.

- Azam Mahmood

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