Corel DRAW 5 Has OLE 2 Capability

The latest edition of the CorelDRAW graphics and publishing package comes with a OLE 2 drag and drop capability as well as a colour management system which calibrates scanners, monitors and printers to achieve a more accurate, on-screen representation of colours used in documents.

The Version 5 suite comprises six applications—the CorelDRAW graph-ics application PHOTO-PAINT, CHART, MOVE SHOW AND VENTURA — seven utilities, over 825 fonts and some 22,000 clip-art images.

According to company officials, the modules are now nore tightly integrated and sport a uniform interface. Ribbon bars and tabbed dialogue in all the applications provide quick and easy access to commonly used function.

Working environments can be customised using Roll-ups, floating tool-bar and tear-off flyouts. In addition, Kodak Photo CD images can be colour-corrected using Version 5.

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