New Dealing Room System

Kapiti has introduced Market Watch, a new PC-based version of its FIST dealing room system, which makes the sophisticated features of FIST available to users on a PC platform and provided them with a wider choice of low-cost trading sys­tems.

Market Watch is intended to com­plement the existing family of FIST dealing room products and incorpo­rates all the features of FIST’s pow­erful data delivery platform, ensur­ing that dealers always have access to reliable, resilient data. The integrity of the data, either real-time or ‘snapshot’, is guaran­teed by the load balancing, failover and automatic recovery mechanisms residing within the FIST architec­ture.

Market Watch is well suited for use in dealing rooms handling a wide range of traded instruments, as well as by off-flor managers, ana­lysts and operations staff.

For further information contact Kapiti Ltd, P.O. Box 4326, Dubai, Tel 237901, Fax 283430.

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