DEClaser 1152 Printer: Offers Superb Price/ Performance

Originally Published on Computer Jagat in August, 1994

The DEClaser 1152 is one of the lowest cost desktop PostScript laser ¦printers available in the marketplace today. The newest member of the DEClaser family offers superb price/performance. Greater versatility, advanced power and low cost make it the premier print companion for PC, Macintosh and Digital desktops whether directly connected or shared. It’s also an economical solution for small PC networks.

The DEClaser 1152 printer offers personal printing at up to four pages per minute. Resident memory can be doubled to 4 MB to manage more demanding documents. In fact, better memory management permits you to print more jobs and perform more functions. With its three interface ports (Serial, Parallel and AppleTalk), the DEClaser 1152 offers flexibility in an environment of shared computing. The printer can be configured with two serial ports and one parallel port or the AppleTalk and Parallel ports active simultaneously.

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