Environment first: Acer’s complete range of eco-friendly displays

Acer is fully aware of the potential impact its products may have on the environment and focuses on designing products that during their lifecycle have minimal effects on climate and environment and are made of the safest materials available.

For this reason Acer takes every effort to create products compliant with international and domestic regulations. Acer product design takes into consideration the ways to reduce environmental loading from the outset of production, in addition to user needs, functionality and added value.

Acer LCD monitors that are EcoDisplay-Ready achieve an environmentally friendly design in the following ways:

    • Capacity for product recycling

    • Proper management of restricted substances

    • Power-saving designs

    • Product thinness and minimalist packaging design

Acer LCD monitors also meet the standards of most known programs devoted to promote the production of energy efficient and eco-compatible devices, such as Energy Star, EPEAT, TCO, etc.

Energy Star® 5.0
Energy Star program is a combined effort of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy created in 1992 to coordinate energy labeling of office equipment. An Energy Star label ensures that the equipments have a special energy-efficient design, which allows them to use less energy for their normal tasks and automatically enter a low power mode when not in use without compromising performance.

All Acer LED displays are Energy Star® 5.0 compliant while the others will meet the Energy Star® 5.0 requirements starting from January 2010.
According to the Energy Star 5.0, displays must meet stringent requirements in On, Sleep, and Off modes. Furthermore, the Energy Star 5.0 certified monitors are 20% more energy efficient than comparable non-certified products.

Power saving technologies
Acer has always been dedicated to designing products with energy saving features.
Acer’s LCD displays with two lamps design can reduce power consumption up to 58% compared to traditional four lamps design, whereas monitors using LED backlight technology deliver outstanding power saving of up to 63% compared to traditional monitors.

Using LED-lighting instead of conventional fluorescent lamps, all WLEDs displays are mercury free and safer for the environment. LED lamp design offers several benefits, including lower energy consumption, greater efficiency, longer lifetime, smaller size (therefore allowing thinner designs) and increased robustness making it difficult to damage with external shock.

Furthermore, thanks to the Ultra Low Power Consumption Technology, Acer monitors use less than 0.1W power consumption in standby mode.

In response to international trends and requirements, most of plastic housing and mechanical parts used for Acer’s monitors do not contain hazardous substances such as PVC and BFR. Specifically, monitors’ casing, printed circuit board laminates, connectors and internal cables, for both system and panel, are free of PVC and BFR.

All Acer LCD Displays use recyclable and reusable packaging materials, included paper, PE bags and EPS cushion.

Acer represent in Bangladesh by executive technologies Ltd. House. 183, Road. 69, Gulshan-2, Dhaka-1212. Hotline: 01919 222 222.

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