Executive Seminar Notebook

Today, I want you to hear about a new company. I want you to give us the benefit of the day. Then, you decide

if this is a company that you should be doing business with and talking with about your information technology needs of the future.”

Wang’s Renewal Strategy

In this way Rick Miller closed the keynote address that launched   the  OFFICE    2000   Exclave. He introduced his audience to a new company called “Wang Laboratories, “presented the company’s new strategy and development focus, and concluded with reasons for choosing Wang as a partner in achieving the goal of the 90′s: productivity.

Miller positioned Wang as a leader in information systems with products and services already in place to improve productivity in the office.

Anticipating his audience, Miller addressed several concerns that customers might have.

Commitment to VS

Concerning the VS midrange systems, Miller told his audience, “the VS plays a key role in Wang’s OFFICE 2000 strategy.”

He reassured his audience that Wang is heavily committed to the VS, strategically and in terms of resources dedicated to it. There are 35,000 VSs installed around the world, and the OFFICE 2000 strategy is aimed at preserving and enhancing value. In this calendar year alone, he noted, Wang would bring to market a new top-of-the-line system, the VS 12000, and over 30 products and enhancements for the VS product line.

Citing a Compuler world survey where users rated the VS as the best image server in the industry, Miller continued: “Certainly, image is one of the key, if not the most important technology for the 1900s, and a technology in which we have world leadership.”

Productivity First

Wang’s OFFICE 2000 strategy is to increase the productivity of those engaged in paper-intensive tasks at the work group/departmental level where results are most effective and easily measured.

Productivity is the No. 1 information technology issue for the 1990s, and Wang’s goal is to be No. 1 in that segment of the industry. Over the past 20 years, our industry and our users failed to achieve the gains in productivity that technology should have produced. Tasks were simply automated rather than modified to take full advantage of the technology. The OFFICE 2000 strategy is to help customers re-engineer these processes and to deliver innovative technologies, solutions, and professional services for significant gains in productivity. Most industry analysts confirm that Wang is a leader in the critical technologies for offices of the ’90s. These include imaging, document management, work flow, electronic mail and networking. Wang has the products, services and technology in place to help its customers reach their goals.

Open Systems

Also, Wang is committed to international industry stan-Jards and multivendor products for solutions. In some cases, the best solution for a customer may include some technology from outside the Wang environment. Wang, has formed relationships with other companies in order to make its technologies available on industry-standard platforms for the open environments of the future. Rather than spend precious development resources inventing our own RISC-based UNIX system, we chose to enter an alliance with IBM in order to provide our customers with the best commercial UNIX platform for our open systems offerings.

This was the first such alliance in our industry. Now, hardly a week goes by without news of other companies following our lead by entering into alliances of their own. People are beginning to understand that, in the future, the most effective vendors in our industry will be those able to work together with other companies to bring about the best solutions for customers.

Wang Can Deliver

Ask our customers. Prognostics, an independent company that surveys customers of the top 10 companies in the industry, reports that in 1989, Wang was considerably below average in customer satisfaction. Today, thanks to our introduction of Operation Customer and quality leadership training which involves every single employee at Wang, we are running ahead of the industry. The Wang culture is changing for the better.

New Wang Labs

Miller concluded by urging his audience to keep an open mind, “to forget everything you know about Wang Laboratories” and hear about a brand new company – called Wang Laboratories.

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