Great market for writable-CD media

The Middle East is set to become a major market for writable-CD media, due to gradual increase of users.

According to general manager of Kodak Inc. Andre Nahas it is to mention that CD-ROM drive users will more than double in the next two years.

Market sources indicate that some 13 million users will have access to CD-ROM drives by 1995. Presently, an estimated six million users have access to a CD reader.

“We feel the growth potential for the Middle East is encouraging,” said Jon Barber, Kodak’s manager for marketing support operations. The company believes that a high percentage of users with access to CD-ROM drives will turn to Writable-CD as the solution to safe and eco­nomic data storage. “The need to access stored information quickly and to share it broadly will spark a consider a considerable demand for high capacity, cost-effective storage facilities,” he added.

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