New Hard Disk Drives From Toshiba

Toshiba has developed a 2.5 inch 520 megabyte hard disk drive weighing only 220 g. It represents the world’s largest memory storage for this size of disk. Toshiba has also developed a very thin type of hard disk drive. IBM’s recently announced 2.5 inch hard disk has a 344MB memory.

Toshiba’s drive has a thin layer magnetic head and high density glass-board magnetic disks.

The thin hard disk drive is only 12.7 mm thick and able to store up to 213 MB of data. It weighs only 160g.

These hard disk drives are being used in various computers including notebook PCs.

Brand New Hard                     Disks

  1. Seagate 40 MB HD                     Tk. 8,000.00
  2. Maxtor 120 MB HD                 Tk. 12,000.00
  3. Western Digital 200 MB HD    Tk. 20,000.00
  4. Western Digital 240 MB HD    Tk. 24,000.00

F©f A© firstt dim© in Bsungladeslfo Exchange Programme

with full 1 year warranty!! Western Digital 120 MB HD

in exchange of your existing 40 MB HD

Tk.   8,000.00

Reconditioned Hard Disk

Hard Disk received in exchange & reconditioned

Reconditioned 40 MB HD

with full 1 year warranty!!

Tk.   5,000.00

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