HP’s Portable 600 dpi Laser Jets

Originally Published in 1992 ()

Hewlett Packard Co. introduced a portable printer together with LaserJet 4 and 4M 600 dots-per inch (dpi) laser printers for PC, Macintosh and network computing systems.

The 4 pound low priced HP DeskJet portable printer is about half the size of a notebook PC. Users can feed letter-, legal and A4-size cut sheet paper, transparency film and labels manually.

The printer can be connected to any IBM compatible computer and prints at a resolution of 300 dpi. Print speed is, up to three pages per minute.

The portable printer features internal fonts that include CG Times, Universe and Courier and . Letter Gothic. Users can print scalable True Type fonts and the printers’ internal fonts. The printer comes with a one-year limited warranty. A rechargeable battery is available separately.

The LaserJet 4 printer features an enhanced PCL 5 printer language and has 2M bytes of memory, upgradeable to 32M bytes. The 4M printer offers integrated Adobe PostScript Level 2 software, 6M bytes of memory and automatic language and interface switching for use in Macintosh and mixed computing environments.

Both printers feature improved print quality at processing speeds six times faster than the LaserJet III printer. The print quality of the printers have been enhanced by microphone toner and Resolution Enhancement Technology. The products also allow automatic switching between parallel, serial and Local Talk in mixed computing environments.

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