Japanese Silicon Valley Envisioned

The Japanese ministry of international trade and industry (MITI) will soon embark on a project to create a large scale software and hardware development centre in the vicinity of Tokyo. The concept of the proposed se- tup is comparable to Silicon Valley in the United States.

A huge software development centre will be created by government and private firms with a total capitalization of S7.5 million. The major aim this centre is to meet the demand of software and hardware engineers. According to the government survey, there will be a massive shortage of software engineers by the year 2,000, nearly 970,000 engineers.

The actual location of the centre will be 150 kilometers from Tokyo. This massive project starling this September will include convention halls, research laboratories and hotels.

The development centre will be backed up by about 30 firms and organizations, and will start operation in 1994. Hundreds of private computer related firms have already expressed interest in participating in this project. A total of 450 firms which will participate include NEC, Fujitsu, Toshiba, IBM Japan, and Lotus.

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