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Topware offers a powerful soft­ware package for implementing a local area network (LAN) operating system designed for IBM PCs or compatibles.

It cooperates with and extends IBM PC-DOS, MS-DOS and DR-DOS function to implement a distribu­tive LAN. Topware is a registered trademark of Grand Computer Corp.

The Topware operating system equips the users with a centralised database management program which has been proven to be highly dependable, reliable and very user friendly.

Topware is designed to operate on a 10 megabit per second Ethernet card (Novell NE-1000, NE-2000, NE/ 2 or compatible, or western digital 8003 or compatibles), on the 2.5 megabit per second ARCnet (SMC ARCnet card of compatible). Topware includes software utilities for shar­ing an assortment of database and a complete spectrum of other soft­ware programs.

It also provides total office or classroom communication which includes functions for sending mes­sages to remote workstation user on the system, screen file broadcast­ing, monitoring workstations, and taking control or functioning telex server and overseeing complete net­work activities.

Topware guarantees system and data integrity by providing three levels of security system: User Login Passwords, File/Sub-Directory pro­tection attributes, and DOS share record lock/unlock support. And unlike the product from Novell, ad­ditional servers can be added to Topware networks at no extra cost.

Topware is distributed in the UAE by American Computer Systems, P.O. Box 3265, Sharjah. Tel 06-356575, Fax 06-368964.

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