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Borland has unveiled Paradox 4.0 a major upgrade to its PC-based relational database.

Paradox 4.0 delivers more speed, a windows-like user interface, enhanced network performance and expanded Paradox Application Language, PAL.

Performance in Paradox 4.0 has been enhanced. On average, Paradox 4.0 is 10 times faster than Paradox 3.5.

At the core of Paradox 4.0′s performance improvements is VROOMM 2.0 (Virtual Runtime Object Oriented Memory Manager). VROOMM allows applications to manage memory more effectively to provide faster performance.

VROOMM 2.0 extends this technology to support extended mode operation and access data faster in both standalone and networked environments.

Paradox 4.0 incorporates a new lock manager, comprised of a single lock file, which provides users with greater flexibility to work with local or shared data.

In addition, Paradox 4.0 will cache the lock file on the network and compress its size to further enhance network performance.

Paradox 4.0 adds a windows-like user interface with easy-to-use pull-down menus, mouse support, resizable windows, and pop-up dialog-boxes.

A context sensitive SpeedBar gives users instant access to frequently used commands.

Variable length memo fields have been added to Paradox 4.0 Memo fields can contain up to 256 Mb of information per field with up to 4 Gb per table, letting users store virtually any size file as a memo.

A built-in memo editor lets users easily create and modify memos. Queries and searches can also be performed on memo fields. The product can also store and retrieve Binary Large Objects (BLObs) in memo fields. BLObs can contain any type of binary data including graphics, sound and multimedia files.

The Paradox Application Language, PAL, is a powerful, high level procedural language that lets users create sophisticated applications quickly.

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