NEC’s Highspeed Printer in Bangladesh

JAN Associates Distributor for NEC Printers in Bangladesh Introduces new high speed 24 pin NEC Printer P6300 from this month.

Among the special features of P6300 are :

Speed: 300 cps in Draft mode & 150 cps in LQ mode. Buffer: 80 KB built in. 12 Built in fonts (including some special type of font like HTC Souvenir), True super & subscript etc. On top of that it has COLOR Printing option.

Mr. Abdullah H. Kafi, Managing Director of JAN Associates expressed hope to our correspondent that with all the above features P63O0 will soon hit the market like other NEC Printers mainly P3300 & P3200.

Mr. Kafi also informed us that NEC printers in terms of performance, price & market response are highly encouraging and expect to gain a substantive share in Bangadesh market soon.

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