OKI Printers Launched Formally

The Tokyo based Oki Electronics finally launched its broad range of computer printers in Bangladesh, which is predominantly an Epson market. International Office Equipment is Oki’s local agent.

Though Oki have tele-communication products, electronic devices (IC chips etc.) and information processing products like printers, computers, banking system they will market seven models of Dot Matrix printers and four models of laser printers. Of these models one of the laser printers costing Tk.1.29 lac supports both the IBM compitable and Macintosh Computers.

Mr. Hiroaki Obayashi, the Divisional Manager of Oki Singapore’s Marketing Division and Mr. Andy Wee, the Regional Marketing Executive of Oki Singapore’s Printer Division was in Dhaka during the Oki printers exhibition in a local hotel.

Mr. Obayashi informed that Singapore office also sales fax and PABX, but printers contribute highest proceeds in the ASEAN countries. He said “70% – 80% printer market of Bangladesh is dominated by EPSON due to their long presence, considering this reality we shall formulate our marketing goal.”

While descrbing world wide position of Oki, Mr. Obayashi informed that Oki is very strong in the USA with 15% market share. Epson with 17% is the second largest printer seller in the USA. Panasonic is the market leader there. In Europe Oki at present is the third best selling printers.

Oki was established in 1881 by its founder Mr. Oki who invented telephone in Japan by himself 2/3 years before Mr. Graham Bell invented telephone in USA. Oki started with telecommunication products in Japan.

Mr. Obayashi and Mr. Andy claimed that Oki printers have some better features, better quality and is quite reliable Oki printers life is 200 million characters which is the longest life in the industry so far, he asserted. ‘So Unisys, ICL and some other big computer companies are buying our printers as part of their system, which indicate our reliability’ said a confident Obayashi.

While asked about the market pattern of computer printers in Bangladesh, a career marketing executive Mr. Obayashi replied that of total printer market dot matrix occupies 70% share. But, he indicated that gradually it will shift towards laser or non impact printer. ‘This is the future trend, so Oki is consideridng more investment on non- impact printer’ he mentioned.

The Oki laser printers are based on new Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. Mr. Andy explained that the rotating parts of traditional laser printers are normally vulnerable to higher disorder and require changes but the LED technology is more straightforward and spartan. “This technology is the future’ commented the young printer division executive.

The basic components of LED Technology are 300 individual diode lamps per inch and a self-focusing lens bar. It has a solid-state reliability with no moving parts and no wear. The printer is small in size and consume low power for more integration (lamps per chip).

Torrey Pines Research, an independent computer printer testing laboratory recently commented on Oki’s LED technology as following—” The overall print quality produced by the Oki OL810 was found to be equal or exceed the print quality produced by the HP LaserJet III. This print quality assessment included measurement of optical density, density uniformily, background graininess, and MTF (i.e. resolving power)”.

Mr. Andy concluded that “This LED technology is the future. This made a big difference and Oki introduced this thinking of future.” He concluded “because of this we are expandidng in US and Europe and also hope to do well here.”

Mr. Aftabul Islam, IOE’s Chief Executive who just left NCR after serving 16 years said that he is very optimistic about Oki printers prospect in Bangladesh and shall make all out effort for a significant market break in.

Azam Mahmood

Taken From Computer Jagat Magazine

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