Oracle broadcasts data in cells

Published in 1992 (Computer Jagat)

McCaw Cellular Communications and Oracle Systems Corp. have signed agreements to develop jointly and test new high-speed data broadcasting technology that promises major cost and performance benefits. It is to be based on a cellular system, which is to be tested in the Seattle, USA, area during the first quarter this year. The two plans to launch nationwide by 1993.

The companies say that the service could be more effective and economical than existing ISDN or modem distribution and can provide multipoint transmission of digitized data rivaling expensive satellite transmissions.

The new joint venture is to be headed up by Dick Brass, the   creator   of   the   first dictionary based spell checkers in the early 1980s. He has since issued a call for partners in Europe and Asia for the new system. “We are hoping to provide customers with more than an order of magnitude in cost performance   improvement over existing data systems,” he said. The Oracle-McCaw system would compete with traditional   telephone   suppliers, which  provide  the  lines for many computer networks, and two  other proposed wireless  services. The companies said that some applications could include news, weather maps, bulk electronic distribution of documentation, high speed delivery of software and fax and e-mail transfer at laser prim quality.


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