Oracle7 Release 7.1 Dynamically Partitions Data

Originally Published on Computer Jagat Magazine 1994

Oracle Corp. recently announced a version of its Oracle7 software that better matches the parallel architecture integrated into the Oracle? kernel with the processing capabilities of symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) and massively parallel (MPP) systems.

The new software, Release 7.1, which has been in beta testing for two years, exploits multiprocessing hardware by automatically parallelising application code, said Gary Winder, marketing manager at Oracle Systems SEA. Applications need not be modified, headded.

The software dynamically partitions the data and balances the load across processors — users do not have to manually divide tasks between multiple processors, Mr. Winder said. Nor do they have to partition their data when adding processors to their hardware.

Oracle7 Release 7.1 is available on ten SMP and MPP platforms from vendors including AT&T Global Information Systems, Amdahl, Cray Research, nCube, Digital Equipment, Pyramid Technology, Sun Microsystems and HP. More platform support is expected. Unix systems management tools suppliers will also be supporting Release 7.1.

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