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BEST has unveiled new product to its product range the fifth generation of its award wining FERRUPS uninterruptible power system (UPS) product line. The new FE series featuring major enhancements in per­formance, reliability, and intelligence.

Jhon Hickey, Senior Vice President, sales and marketting, says, “BEST has always been known for its innovative engineering and responsiveness to users needs. The new FE series is no exception. We’ve used our expertise and knowledge of real world power condi­tions to produce the most reliable power protection yet. When customers purchase an FE series FERRUPS, they can be sure they’re getting the best system on the Market”, emphasizes Hickey.

In late January, BEST will introduce Patriot a low-cost, high-performance standby unit that competes with APC Back UPS, especially in terms of price. For just, s lightly more than the cost of a good surge strip, PC and LAN’s users can have the best Price/performance backup power protection on the market. The Patriot series will initially be made available in 250 VA and 400 VA size.

Patriot offers 70 percent more battery routine than other backup power sources in this size range for a lower price. For example, Compaq Prolinea users re­ceive 36 minutes backup routine from 250 VA patriot and 45 minutes from 400 VA Patriot.

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