Unisys Announces Pentium SMP Servers

Originally Published on Computer Jagat Magazine in 1994

UNISTYS has announced its U 6000/500 family of scalable, symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) servers designed for high-volume applications such as on-line transaction processing and database management.

The two servers in the family use a passive backplane architecture. The CPU and memory boards plug into the 64bit, 533Mbps synchronous coherent multiprocessor (SCM) bus on the backplane; new CPUs and memory boards can be added as and when required.

The entry-level model 20 is available in a dual 60MHz Pentium configuration and supports up to 384M bytes of main memory, up to 10G bytes of internal storage and addresses over 50G bytes of external mass storage. It can accommodate up to five Pentium processors.

The higher-end Model 80. which will only be available later in the year, will support from two to eight processors.

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