Byte Magazine’s Awards For Excellence

Byte Magazine’s, has released its editor’s choice for the best products of 1991. The Awards for Excellence went to the following products:

* System 7.0, the Macintosh operating system from Apple Computer. Also from Apple was the Quick Time 1.0 movie file format for multimedia.

* Another operating system winning the lop award was Digital Research’s DR DOS 6.0.

*   Fox Pro from Fox Software took an award for being the top-quality database.

* The PCMCIA 2.0 IC card standard that may replace floppy cards as a common way to store data and programs.

* Microsoft did not win for MS-DOS 5.0 but did garner top awards for Excel 3.0 and Visual BASIC.

*   Cayman   Systems’   GatorBox   CS Macintosh and Unix network system got a top network award, as did Novell’s NetWare 3.11.

There were several other top awards, and a number of other products were also cited in other categories.

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