Novell releases network tools for Windows, OS/2

Novell Inc. of US A recently introduced NetWare Services Manager v.10 for both the Windows and OS/2 environ-ments; NetWare management agents, aset of loadable modules; Netware Management System and Management Enhanced Map.

The NetWare Services Manager consists of network management applications for centralised monitoring and control of the NetWare environment with its built-in diagnostic capabilities.

The applications are launched via NetWare Management Map (NMM) which has auto discovery feature, a global network view for users regardless of locations; a graphical user interface; on-line help; and continuous network monitoring.

The key features of the Services Manager include server and workstation schematics; user-defined alert thresholds; printer and printer queue configuration and status; automatic server fault and alert notification.

Included in the Services Manager is the Netware Management Agent, a software that resides in the server and reports network statistics and events to the network management applications.

The product allows the server components to register as manageable objects and attributes. It also provides a set of functions to support the management of these objects and attributes by the NetWare services manager application. Key features include continuous monitoring of NetWare events, detailed configuration data and real-time statistics and alarm notification.

The set is available with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) included with the Windows version of NetWare Services Manager.

NetWare Management System supports both OS/2, Windows applications and NetWare Management Agents. The system features an open, standardized development and application environment, application integrator, data server, alarm manager and an integrated database.

The Management Enhanced Map, an optional enhancement package for Management system is the first network management application to discover nodes on a network and allow them to be mapped into a building floor plan. The product also includes Hub Services Manager (HSM) application, the first graphical user interface for Hub Management Interface (HMI)-compliant hubs.

Some features of the Management Enhanced Map include locational mapping, enhanced auto-discovery and full Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support in IP environment.

Source: Computer Jagat Magazine 1992

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