Nokia unveils Eco Profiles of its handsets

Nokia has unveiled its latest green initiative in launching new Eco Profiles. From now on, every new device will have an eco profile that includes information on the device’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Over the year, Nokia has south to ensure that each handset is created with the environment in mind.

Nokia has been providing eco declarations on all of its products since 2001, including basic information on the environment attributes of the product voerign material use, energy efficiency, packaging; disassemble and recycling.

from now on, Eco profiles will include the environmental impact of phones throughout their life-cycle; from their manufacture, throughout their use and finally, their recycling. Within profiles there’s also specific information on the environmental features of the device. New Eco profiles are already available for the recently launched x2, c3 and c6 products. Consumers can go to site and search under the environment tab for Eco profile of their phone.

Over the past 10 years, Nokia has managed to reduce its devices’ environmental impact up to 65%, while keeping up with the times and launching feature-packed phones.

Currently, 100 percent of the materials in your Nokia phone can be recovered and used to make new products or generate energy, so nothing goes to waste; since 2006 all new devices, chargers and headsets have been free of PVC and since 2009, brominates and chlorinated compounds and antimony trioxide have been phased out. All new smartphones already have a power-saving mode and many also have ambient light sensors, as well as high-efficiency chargers that have reduced the no-load energy consumption by 80-95 percent.

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