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Caring about the environment can mean looking at the way we live our everyday lives and the things we use on a daily basis. More than a billion of us use a Nokia very day. We use our scale for good by offering sustainable products across the whole portfolio, advocating sustainable choices with mobile service and ensuring a world-class global take-back program. We call it the power of we:- a billion people using our devices to connect and work together in different ways to protect the environment. Together  we can make a real difference. Every journey starts with a small steps, and every small step matters.

Sustainability is at the heat of everything we do a Nokia: in our day-to-day routines, at our offers and factories. Our environmental works at Nokia is based on life cycle thinking. We look for possibilities to reduce the environmental impact or our devices and our own operations at each stage of the product life cycle.

Our engineers are continuously working to make our products more and more energy efficient. And our designers develop creative solutions, helping phone owners to use their devices in an eco-friendly way.

Our phones have a power-saving standby mode. over the last decade we’ve reduced the amount of energy our best in class charges use in no-load mode by 95 percent. in May 2009 we become the first mobile manufacture to put alerts into phones encouraging people to unplug their charges. we began eith three new mass market phones and the alerts will be rolled out across the product range.

In manufacturing, our sourcing managers are in constant dialogue with supplying materials. by reducing the size of the packaging , we were able to cut down the use of paper-based material by 100,000 tons, take every second truck transporting our products off the road, and save 500 million Euros in only tow years – so, it’s easy to see that taking the environment into account also makes good business sense! From august 2008 the sales packages of all new devices have been smaller than their earlier equivalents. And we keep making them smaller. The materials we choose for our packaging are selected to offer the best, most beautiful and most protective solution with latest environment impact. More than 95% of our packaging is made from renewable, paper-based materials, of which up to 60% is recycled content. And when plastic is used, we are able to include up to 90% recycled content. We are constantly working with our supplies to increase the amount of recycled content in our packaging. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.

We’re also very proud of the fact that all of the materials in your Nokia phone can be used again for new products or to generate energy, so nothing goes to waste.

As a result of this, the environment footprint of a typical Nokia mobile is the same as driving 170km with a hybrid car. so if you’re looking for an eco-friendly Nokia device, there’s no need to look for one with a green sticker: all Nokia phones come with eco improvements, and we’re working continually to make them even greener.

We operate the largest voluntary mobile phone recycling scheme in the world. People can bring their phones back for responsible recycling to around 5,000 Nokia Care Points locates in 85 countries.

we have also introduced a number of environmental servies to make sustainable choices easy for consumers, for example;

Green Explorer widget for sustainable lifestyle

we: offsetting the CO2  caused by flying

Eco zone for tips, links and content, environmentally themed wallpapers and ring tones.

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