3M Growing Fast in Bangladesh

Published in 1992 July (Computer Jagat)

After rambling for almost two decades to set a firm foot in Bangladesh’s market, the US based 3M company is now set to charge headlong with galaxies of data storage, commercial office supply and Audio-visual training equipment products.

3M’s business in Bangladesh is growing fast due to two years ceaseless endeavour of their local agent Kalam Enterprise. Kalam’s dependable and solid client service perfectly matched the product excellence and a worldwide reputation of 3M as sponsor of Olympic Games.

Recently, Kalam Enterprise arranged a free 3M Communication Training Programme for Teachers and Training Managers in their own adorned conference room at Banani display center. Mr. Peter Campbell, 3M’s Senior Sales Executive of Singapore office conducted this training programme.

Kalam Exterprise arranged a similar two-day workshop last year in a local hotel. Through that workshop Bangladeshi people for the first time got formally introduced with 3M’s affordable and marvel product range. Mr. Campbell informed that 3M Singapore office oversees 12 countries of South and South East Asia and India contributes hightest sales revenue among them. Pakistan and Indonesia are second and third respectively.

In visual products segment Indonesia contributes most. Malaysia, Pakistan and SriLanka are next.

Mr. Campbell said that though the 3M’s computer data storage products in Bangladesh arrived quite late in 1990, they are gaining market share with each year passing by due to its qualify and expected reliability. “We are going to get aggressive in Bangladesh with a total range of memory technology products”, he said.

Mr. Campbell said that the high quality of 3M’s new formated diskettes are ensured through additional testing and format verification. 3M warrants that all these diskettes are free from defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the diskettes. He also demonstrated the unique advantages of 3M LCD colour Data Display in the overhead screen from a smaller computer monitor by the help of a  specially  programmed software.

In this workshop it was also displayed how 3M computer Graphic Films turn vital data stored in a PC into overhead projection visuals. 3M offers a wide range of computer films which allow the users to print stored information via Laser printer, ink jet printer, thermal transfer printer, impact printer or pen plotter into ready-to-project overhead transparencies.

Mr. Peter Campbell who for long 12 years specialized on Visual Communication and on Information and Imaging products visited Bangladesh quite a few times to promote 3M products. Mr. Campbell, a soft spoken Singaporean who can deliver lecture hours together with uncanny clarity and calmness kept his very selective audience spell bound. He said “3M’s sublime object is to make a conference room presentation as compact as possible.”

During this after conference informal discussion Mr. Campbell informed that in Singapore 3M people goes to school and train teachers free of cost on effective use of visual communication. They also sponsor ‘Secretary’s week’ courses for the secretarial people to teach 1 hem how to prepare good presentation paper for their bosses.

Mr. Campbell said “3M received very good response on its visual aids from the higher educational and professional institutes of Bangladesh.”

—-Azam Mahmmood

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