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Originally Published in 1992 (Computer Jagat Magazine)

Recently Bangladesh Road Transport Authority, a government organization has decided to install a NOVELL NETWARE based LAN/ WAN system. Our attention was drawn by the organization to some of the purposely distorted facts about NOVELL made by some individual, mainly to the fact that authorized distributor of NOVELL does not exist for the Bangladesh market. But the fact is that the same person visited the ACT office and saw for himself that ACT is the Country Distributor of NOVELL. Furthermore ACT has been regularly advertising full page ad In the prestigious computer magazine— COMPUTER JAGAT—that ACT is the sole Authorized Distributor of NOVELL INC. and DAVID SYSTEMS INC. both of USA. Then the question is that whether ACT, in collaboration with COMPUTER JAGAT, bluffing their valued customers. Well certainly not, because COMPUTER JAGAT has verified our status and approved the ad. He claims that ACT is a value added reseller of DAVID SYSTEMS INC. of USA which is a NOVELL distributor. Well, as a self proclaimed specialist, he does not know or purposely ignores the fact that ACT is the Country Distributor of DAVID SYSTEM INC.. manufacturer of the state-of-the-art 10BASE-T network connectivity hardware. Evidently, he is not familiar about the different LAN/ WAN manufacturers and their products. Simply putting it together, all that the individual is trying to do is pumping confusion in the Bangladesh computer market and in the minds of the users. Evidently he does not know the functional difference between Peer-to-Peer and client-server model and the relative advantages. If a user needs client-server LAN, then thats what he needs, period. Its like this—if I need 486 PC, it is foolish to explain to me that a 286 or an XT PC is cheaper.

Netware from NOVELL INC. is the de-facto standard of LAN operating system. Roughly about 80% of the world LAN market is taken by NOVELL. NOVELL reported net revenue of $640.1 million for its fiscal year ended October 26, 1991, up 29 percent from net revenue of $497.5 million in fiscal 1990. ACT is proud of being the authorized distributor of NOVELL INC. and DAVID SYSTEM INC., both of USA and is totally committed to provide total solution to our valued client in the area of LAN/WAN, a commitment backed 100% by commitment from NOVELL INC. Itself In writing. If there is any confusion related to our status and our products and services among our valued computer users and organization, anyone may feel free to call us or drop by at our registered ACT office. Readers are also encouraged to look at the NOVELL announcement in the current issue of COMPUTER JAGAT.

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