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Live, instructor-led classes right from your computer!
SQE Training now offers you all the benefits and personal contact of classroom instruction right from your desktop! Utilizing Cisco’s WebEx technology our live, virtual training provides the same valuable content and instructor interaction as you would get in the classroom, but with the convenience and cost effectiveness of being online.

Mastering Test Automation
Join Linda Hayes as she shares the automation pitfalls she has experienced and explains how to avoid them. Take advantage of the latest test automation development tools to make your job easier and less risky while improving ROI.

  • Learn which systems and development projects are candidates for automation and which ones are not so you don’t waste time and money.
  • Discover how to build the most robust test automation framework possible with the least amount of effort and code.
  • Find out how to integrate your test library with the application for maximum maintainability.
  • Learn how to build a robust, flexible, and reusable framework with the least code possible.
  • Explore how to design a global error handling and recovery system.
  • Discover how to develop test cases using data, not code.

See the full course description and outline.

Mastering Test Automation
January 19 – 20th, 2010

Benefit from Linda Hayes’ 25 years of test automation experience in a live virtual classroom course—delivered in just six hours over two days—without leaving your desk! Click here for more details…

Experience the benefits of Live-Virtual Training Online:

  • Live, expert instruction: See and hear your instructor presenting the course materials and answering your questions in real-time.
  • Valuable course materials: Receive the same valuable course materials as our classroom training.
  • Hands-on exercises: Participate in hands-on exercises, group activities, and breakout sessions using the latest technology.
  • Real-time communication: Communicate real-time directly with the instructor. Ask questions, provide comments, and participate in the class discussions.
  • Peer interaction: Interact with and learn from your peers during breakout sessions, course lecture, and Q&A.
  • Convenient schedule: With modules no longer than three hours per day, get the training you need without a major work disruption.

AND MORE! Enjoy all of the benefits of the classroom right from your desktop! Join us for our upcoming virtual training:

Click here to register now for the new vMastering Test Automation course! Same SQE reputation, new, and convenient medium! Call 888.268.8770 or 904.278.0524 to register or email with any questions.

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