Bangladesh May Host ASOCIO ICT Summit 2007

Originally Published on the monthly Computer Jagat Magazine in 2004

ASOCIO Officers Meeting 2004 of ends with the promises

Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS) organised ASOCIO Officers Meet 2004 in Dhaka recently. The meeting was participated by about 44 members from 13 countries comprising Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Korea, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Asian-Oceanean Computing Industry Association (ASOCIO) is a network of Computer Industry enterprises within the Asian-Oceanean region.

At present ASOCIO has 23 full members and 5 guest members, (USA, UK, France, Canada and Spain) and accounts for over 10,000 companies (including all members of Bangladesh Computer Samity) in the Asian-Oceanean region.

BCS became the associate member of ASOCIO in 1996 and finally received full membership in 2001. In that glorious year for the local ICT sector, Bangladesh also successfully arranged Multilateral Trade Visit program in Dhaka that year along with a successful Software fair , highly admired by the visiting’delegates of ASOCIO.

During their stay in Dhaka the ASOCIO delegates met the President Dr. lajuddin Ahmed at Bangobhaban. The grand program of ASOCIO officers Meeting 2004, was inaugurated by Minister of Science and ICT, Dr. Abdul Moin Khan.

In observance of 20th Anniversary of ASOCIO this year, decision was taken during the meeting to award 9 distinguished persons from 7 countries who have contributed a lot in the development of IT sector in this region as will as for gearing up the organisation.

The recipients of the award include Abdullah H Kafi, former president of Bangladesh Computer Samity, the father of Indian Software Industry, late Dewan Mehta, etc. The awards will be presented during the ASOCIO ICT Summit 2004 to be held in Sri Lanka in December.

During a discussion with the journalists, Manoo Ordeedt Chest of Thailand and President of ASOCIO commented that the prospect of IT is very bright in Asian region. By sKaring experience with developed economies like India, japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia with the emerging economies like Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. will be benefited to a large extent.

During an interview Lucas Lim, Secretary General of ASOCIO told Computer Jagat that Bangladesh is gradually developing in the ICT sector. The relationship between ASOCIO anrl BCS is getting stronger every year. The former BCS president Abdullah H Kafi worked hard to make BCS familiar with the other ASOCIO members of the region. Later on the following BCS president Sabur Khan was also a very dynamic person. Along with his associate Aziz Ahmed, he proposed and convinced the ASOCIO authorities to hold ASOCIO Officers Meeting 2004 in Dhaka. Right at this moment the present BCS President, SM Iqbal played an important role in the current ASOCIO meeting.

When asked whether Bangladesh can host ASOCIO ICT Summit in near future as Sri Lanka is organising the event this year Lucas informed that Newzeland will host summit event in 2005 and Singapore in 2006. If proper conditions prevail, Bangladesh may host ASOCIO ICT. Summit 2007 in Dhaka, Lucas also informed that in the present meeting decisions have been taken to assist the weaker economies like Bangladesh, especially the SME’s in their IT endeavor. Developed economies like Korea has offered IT Training programs for less Developed countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, etc. With funds from the Korean Government Iho Computer Industry Association of Korea will conduct the program.

The ASOCIO JCT Summit is the major annual event of ASOCIO. This year the ASOCIO ICT Summit will be held in Sri Lanka. It may be mentioned here that the ASOCIO ICT Summit is the only regional ICT event which is Ministers arranged for of ICT in the region. Besides, Government officials, industry leaders and academia of the region will also participate in the summit for sharing visions, innovations and interactions with member economies.

The theme of ASOCIO ICT Summit 2004 is greater networking facilitates svnergy that delivers success. The series of events of ASOCIO ICT Summit will be held from 30th November to 05th December, 2004. About 500 delegates including ICT Ministers of the region and high ranking Government officials. ASOCIO ICT Summit 2004 will be the

largest event in Sri Lanka’s ICT history and these event is being provided with VIP status in Sri Lanka. Microsoft is participating as the Diamond sponsor of this summit event. Besides Microsoft, IBM and some other Global Technology firms will also participate

to exhibit their latest products.

The ASOCIO summit 2004 will be held at Bandarnaike Memorial International Conference Hall, one Of Asian best conference and exhibition centers. The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka will inaugurate the program as the chief guest.

Main features of this grand event include: ASOCIO Exhibition, H-Government seminars, ASOCIO Officers Meeting and General Assembly, Business Forum, Regional ICT Ministers/ASOClO Officers dialogue, Workshops, Vender Presentations, etc.

Bangladeshi ICT companies will be provided space free of change in ASOCIO Exhibition. We hope our IT companies specially the Software concerns will use this great opportunity to exhibit their products to the developed economies like Singapore, Australia, Newzeland and Malaysia etc.

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