Byte Magazine’s Awards For Excellence

Originally Published in 1992, Computer Jagat Magazine

Byte Magazine’s, has released its editor’s choice for the best products of 1991. The Awards for Excellence went to the following products:

* System 7.0, the Macintosh operating system from Apple Computer. Also from Apple was the Quick Time 1.0 movie file format for multimedia.

* Another operating system winning the lop award was Digital Research’s DR DOS 6.0.

*   Fox Pro from Fox Software took an award for being the top-quality database.

* The PCMCIA 2.0 IC card standard that may replace floppy cards as a common way to store data and programs.

* Microsoft did not win for MS-DOS 5.0 but did garner top awards for Excel 3.0 and Visual BASIC.

*   Cayman   Systems’   GatorBox   CS Macintosh and Unix network system got a top network award, as did Novell’s NetWare 3.11.

There were several other top awards, and a number of other products were also cited in other categories.

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