Cairo will Host: ITU Telecom Africa 2004

Cairo will Host: ITU Telecom Africa 2004

International Telecommunication Union(ITU) is an unique and specialized agency of the United Nations. Its aim is to bring governments and industry together to co-ordinate the establishment and operation of global telecommunication networks and services, it is responsible for standardization, coordination and development of international telecommunication including radio communication as well as the harmonization of national policies. To fulfill its mission, ITU adopts international regulations and treaties governing all terrestrial and space uses of the frequency spectrum as well as the use of all satellite orbits, which serve as a framework for national legislation. It develops standards to foster the interconnection of telecommunication systems on a worldwide scale regardless of the type nf technology used.

regional exhibitions and forums bringing together the most influential representatives of government, and the telecommunications industry to exchange ideas, knowledge and technology for the benefit of the global community, and in particular the developing world.

ITU Telecom event in Egypt in 2004

Yoshio Utsumi, secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) signed an agreement with Naela Gabr, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Egypt to the United Nations and other international organizations in Geneva, to hold ITU’s sixth interna tional telecommunication exhibition and forum for the African region in Cairo in 4-8 May, 2004.

At the signing ceremony Utsumi said “ITU is delighted to have the opportunity of staging as ITU TELECOM event in Egypt in 2004. In spite of huge leaps forward in the past five years, Africa is still the region of the world still most in need of telecommunications development, and it is hoped that the AFRICA 2004 event will enable us to make further important progress.”

“I feel confident that ITU TELECOM AFRICA-2004 will enhance prospects for all of us to develop telecommu-nications and to act as a catalyst to speed up social and economic progress”— said Naela Gabr, permanent representative of Egypt to U.N.

AFRICA 2004 will be held from Tuesday 4 to Saturday S May 2004 al the Cairo International Conference Centre (CICC), with a press and VIP day on Monday, 3 May. The venue is ideally located and offers advanced forum and exhibition facilities which will be enhanced by plans lo build a new permanent exhibition hall. ITU’s unique posi tion portion ns a specialized agency of the U.N. enables it to bring together in Cairo all the strategic players in the world of telecommunications, where visitors, exhibitors and speakers will have access to the technology and ideas that will shape the future for the region.

ITU TELECOM events were launched more than 30 years ago, with WORLD TELECOM event first held in Geneva in 1971. The regional events, which include TELECOMS’for the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Africa regions, were introduced in ]965 in order to address the more specific concerns of the individual regions. Since then these events have grown in size and prestidge and have become most respected authoritative in the world. From the year 2003, the world and regional events will be held in a three-year cycle in order to endure adequate global coverage across all 189 Member-States of ITU.

After AFRICA 2004 event, ITU will organize regional events for Asia, the Americas and middle East & Arab States regions, with the next world event taking place in 2006— dates and venues will be posted as soon as they are available in the ITU TELECOM.

For further information on ITU TELECOM please contact:

ITU TELECOM Press service

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Waseda University

Waseda University, established in 1882 in Tokyo, is a private university in Japan with 50,000 students and academic exchange agreements with more Chan 300 universities and research institutes in about 50 countries. Through its association with ITU, distance-leaning projects have been collaborated on with many universities including the Post and Telecommunication Institute of Technology, Vietnam, the National Electronics & Computer Technology Centre (NECTEC) and Telephone Organization of Thailand (TOT), and the University of Malaysia, as well as iTU-waseda workshops of regulators & policy-makers.

The ITU and Waseda University of Tokyo, have established a research centre at the ITU-Waseda ICT centre to support work in the area of Radio communications, particularly in the fields of radio frequency spectrum, digital broadcasting, mobile services and regulatory issues. The ITU-Waseda Radio communication Research centre, will hold workshops on policy, regulation and imaging technology issues in mobile and radio communication for govt. officials & telecommunication operators from the developing & developed world. The centre will also conduct a series of research projects. One such project will focus on the use of broad band mobile interactive communication systems in safety, security and emergency response for reductions such as earthquakes and terrorist attacks. The centre will also launch a research project to develop contents and applications for mobile telephony ‘beyond 3G’ i.e. Third generation mobile technologies.

The ITU-Waseda ICT centre is “an important contribution by Japan to the activities of ITU and will help us to fulfill our University’s commitment to join research and educational training programmes that bring together academia and international organizations’, said professor Toshio obi. Acting Director, ITU-Waseda ICT Centre. “This partnership with the ITU Radio communication Bureau bolster our commitment to bringing together industry and research to the challenges of developing state-of-the art information and communication technologies for today’s information society.

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