Characteristics of conventional Information Sources

Published in 1992 (Computer Jagat)

a. Printed media

The predominant media of cumulative data & information is the printed media. We all are aware of ihc contributions of paper & later the invention and development of printing technology, to our current level of civilization.

What are the characteristics of the printed media? In summary, this media is relatively durable, mass reproduction is easy, affordable, easily transportable, and easy to set standards.

What are the limitations? Again in summary, the information content is static, storage lakes lot of space, searching for specific information could be time consuming, difficult to transmit information in bulk, physical access to the media is necessary.

b. Conventional Electronic Media

Basically non-permanent, normally not used for information storage, relatively new technology, informal & entertainment bias, not considered “serious” source of information, susceptible to “popular” ideas and concepts, generally used for information dissemination, also very potent in providing disinformation and manipulation.

c. From Human Interaction (formal & informal)

Could be very strong in forming initial perception & values. May be used for both information and disinformation. Very limited potential for information storage and limited transmission potential.

d.  Research

Primary source of new information. Traditionally archived & transmitted through printed media.

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