Compaq Singapore Plant's Unmatched Achievement

Compaq Computer’s Singapore Factory has shipped more than one million PCs in 1994 , a remarkable achievement considering that the group as a whole shipped less than this two years ago— said Compaq Asia Vice-President and Managing Director Kirl Moul.

On the eve of first evening ministerial factory visit by Singapore’s Trade & Industry Minister Yeo Cheow Tong on 15th December, 1994 Mr. Moul said this to the accompanying reporters.

Mr. Moul said, “The Singapore Plant is a major contributor to our worldwide operations, and we expect to do even better when our new plant is ready in 1996.”

He disclosed that raw material and component sourcing by Singapore-based Compaq Asia surpassed the US$ 1 billion mark annually,

Compaq, the world number one PC seller has five production facilities worldwide, the most recent additions being one in Mexico and another is Shenzhea (China).

“More than two-thirds of what we purchase for our production operations are from the Asia-Pacific region of which about 9% is from Singapore,” said Mr. Moul.

Mr. Yeo said, “We must maintain our competitive edge. We have to encourage more local companies to improve their process technology, and to work more closely with the multinational corporations (MNCs) like Compaq for technology transfers.” He cited Compaq as an MNC that has succeeded in tapping Singapore’s skilled manpower and competitive advantage to compete effectively in the fast changing PC industry.

Mr. Moul said, ” Time-to-market is crucial in this industry, and Singapore’s excellent infrastructure ensures that this is possible.” Asked if Singapore would lose out to neighboring low-cost countries, Mr. Yeo said, “We must concentrate on improving on high-tech capabilities. Ultimately, we just can’t afford to keep the low-tech, labour intensive operations here anyway.”

[ Compiled by—Azam Mahmod ]

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