D-Link receives ‘Product of the year Awards’

CRN (USA) Test Center engineers selected the D-Link Wireless Gateway AirSpot DSA-3100 to be the best in the Wireless Products Category for the Product of The Year Awards 2003. The criteria for selection was devices that are hassle-free and easy to set up and offer wide coverage and strong security at a reasonable price.

D-Link DSA-3100 Public/Private Hot Spot Gateway is an Ethernet-based gateway that manages intelligent authentication, authorization and accounting for wired and wireless users. Coordinating Layer 2, 3 and 4 operations, the DSA-3100 provides comprehensive features such as IP plug and play, station isolation, traffic management and accounting and network policy enforcement.

The DSA-3100 supports POP3, RADIUS, and LDAP external authentication for larger-scale hot spot networks. The gateway can manage up to 250 user accounts in its internal database and supports at least 50 simultaneous online users.

The key concern within wireless networking is the issue of security and the ability of unauthorized users or hackers to access the internet and network data. The DSA-3100 addresses those concerns. Using the DSA-3100, you can offer wired or wireless Internet access to users, while still maintaining a secure private network that a wireless user will never see.

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