Decoded Jute Plant Genome Successfully in Bangladesh

A consortium of researchers from Dhaka University, Bangladesh Jute Research Institute and Software Company DataSoft in collaboration with Centre for Chemical Biology, University of Science Malaysia and University of Hawaii, USA has successfully decoded the Jute Plant Genome. This accomplishment by local scientists and bioinformatics specialists will potentially place Bangladesh at the forefront of the global jute industry. With this Bangladesh becomes one of the few countries  in the world and perhaps the only country in the developing world to have successfully sequenced a  genome of importance.

With this knowledge-based economy initiative by the Ministry of Agriculture, Bangladesh Government, this major achievement could rejuvenate the multi-million dollar Jute Industry. The significant benefit in upcoming years will help Bangladesh to develop new quality breeds of Jute both in terms of fibre quality and resistance to various diseases. This local talent based discovery could make Bangladesh a hub of Jute Plant Biotechnology Research in Asia and in the world.

An unique collaboration between prestigious Dhaka University graduates and faculty, researchers from the government sponsored Bangladesh Jute Research Institute and new generation of bioinformatics specialists from the private software giant DataSoft in collaboration with international research centres in Asia and US make this discovery a template that can serve an excellent example not only for Bangladesh, but also for the rest of the developing countries.

The public announcement of this major discovery and the unveiling of the high through-put technology used in this discovery including the team members of this unique consortium will be made in the 24th of Jute with an accompanying documentary movie.

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