Digital Content Development Workshop for Secondary Teachers

Participant teachers engaged in content development and presentation sessions

Under the quick win initiative `ICT-enabled Teacher Training Programme’ of Access to Information (A2I) Programme (implemented by Ministry of Education) a training workshop on digital content development and for secondary school teachers was arranged on 11-15 May 2010 at Agrani Girls’ School and College, Dhaka. Total twenty three teachers participated in the workshop from seven secondary schools of Dhaka city

In the workshop the participants were trained about how to integrate ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in classroom for improving teaching-learning process. It was a hands-on training workshop on developing digital education contents (using PowerPoint and Internet) and how these contents can be used in classroom to make students’ learning easier, enjoyable and effective. The participant teachers developed some digital contents and presented at the last day of the workshop. Mr. M. Nazrul Islam Khan, the National Project Director of A2I Programme, Mr. Nazrul Islam, Project Director of Teaching Quality Improvement (TQI) Programme of Ministry of Education and Mr. Shahidul Islam Biswas, Principal, Agrani School and College, Dhaka were present at the simulation sessions. They have provided some valuable feedback which the participants may incorporate in developing contents and using the contents in real classroom. The participants were very excited and motivated that the experience of developing digital contents was a new learning for them and they will develop these kinds of contents for their own classroom. The purpose of developing and using the contents is to make learning easy, enjoyable and effective. All the selected schools have computer lab and four of them have multimedia projectors. So the participants can use the developed digital contents in the multimedia classroom environment and in the computer lab.

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