Digital Unveils New Desktops & Servers

Originally Published on Computer Jagat Magazine 1994

Digital has recently announced 13 new models in its DECpc Value, Premium and Server lines. Nine of the new models are based on the recently introduced IntelSX2, IntelDX4 and Pentium processors. The company also unveiled desktop systems in the Value line of i486-based desktop PCs carrying Energy Star logo.

The company added two new models to its popular DECpc LPv+ family of Energy Star Value line desktops. The systems are based on IntelSX2 (50MHz) and Intel DX4 (100MHz) microprocessors, designed for price and energy conscious users.

The four i486-based members of Digital’s DECpc LPx family have been updated to the new DECpc LPx+ 433SX, DECpc LPx+ 433DX, DECpc LPx+ 450d2 and DECpc LPx+ 466d2 – all now Energy star and at the same price as the DECpc LPx models.

With the new models in the DECpc Value line, Digital becomes one of the first vendors to offer a complete line of i486-based desktop Energy Star compliant products.

Premium Line

Digital also introduced two new systems. Using the new IntelDX4 and Pentium 90 processors, the new DECpc XL 410 and DECpc XL 590 are processor upgradable mini tower

systems. The systems support multiple generations of i486 and Pentium technologies, as well as future Alpha AXP technology.

All the systems come standard with MS-DOS 6.21, an Windows for Work Groups 3.11 factory installed, a keyboard, mouse and floppy disk drive.

Digital also added Intel’s new 100MHz processor to its DECpc MTE family. Based on IntelDX4 chip, the DECpc MTE 4100 is the latest in a family of powerful,expandable mini tower systems. The DECpc MTE 4100 can be used as a standalone system for multimedia and other high throughput needs. The DECpc MTE accepts Industry-standard VESA/VL and EISA add-ons, which are common in use.

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