EC Election of BCS 1993

Upon withdrawal of nominations by Mr. S.D. Shahid of NCL and Mr. Sajjad Hossain of NSS (Pvt) Ltd. all the following candidates are elected to the EC of Bangladesh Computer Samity for the next two year period upon the expiry of the term of the present EC. As all positions are uncontested, there is no need for voting on December 30, 1993.

President— Mr. Sajjad Hossain of IBM World Trade Corp.

Vice President— Mr. Moin Khan of Computer Solution Ltd.

General Secretary— Mr. Abdullah H. Kafi of JAN Associates

Jt. Secretary— Mr. Ghulam Mohiuddin of CITech Company Ltd.

Treasurer— Mr. Mustafa Jabbar of Ananda Computers

Member EC— 1. Mr. M. Sabir Ahmed of Computer Services Ltd. 2. Mr. M.H. Rana of Access Pvt. Ltd.

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