Epson Dealers’ Trip to Thailand

On 17th Dec. 2003, there was a great trip organized by Flora Limited (“or its dealers. Eight valuable dealers were nominated for thai tour program .W’u-r completing target of Epson C41s printer. They were A S Computer, Dreamland Computer, Index IT, Speed Technology and Engineering, NCLL Systems, Greatway Computer Systems, United Computer Centre and Symbol Systems. Mustafa Shamsul Islam, Director Flora Ltd, with all dealers and his team members AHM Mohsin-Epson product manager, Abdul Alim Tuhin-Asst. Manager, Epson Channel Humayun Kabir-Asst. Manager, IDB branch flew on 17th Dec. 2003 for 4 days dealers totir. The whole trip was very charming with different events and activities-

Nominated dealer persons for the trip to Thailand are A SnUim of A S Computer, Asad Khan of Dreamland Computer, Mahfuzur Rahman of Index IT, A KM Kamruzzaman-Director, Speed Technology and Engineering Ltd, Hasan Quddus of NCLL Computer System, Moshiur Rahman of Greatway Computer Systems, Sarwar Mahmud Khan of United Computer Centre.

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