Grid Computing

Human endeavor for ultimate destination achieved a new dimension after the invention of computer. This landmark in world history has brought drastic changes in the nature of our work, enhanced our lifestyle, secured our mission, upgrade our vision, and have demolished many geographical obstacles. Systematic progress of human life depends on technological evolution. Computer is a dynamic element of modem technology, which reduces human labor and introduced artificial working facilities by which people get optimum opportunity to make their contribution.

Massive computer applications can be classified into two major categories:

Communication based and Research based

Chronological advancement of Internet integrates the world and in the same time opens a virtual world of knowledge, Developments of optical fiber renovate network applications. GPS enable us to locate anyone from any geographical place at any weather condition. CDMA provides security in cellular technology. VSAT is the gateway to access wide range of information. All these computer-aided technologies are employed for the sustainable development of human society.

A little consideration will show that above mentioned technologies are dedicated for communications. Although – a well-organized communication system is mandatory for the advanced scientific and engineering research but it is not adequate to satisfy all requirements to reach the ultimate stage of a research work. Present scenario of advanced scientific and engineering works indicates extreme computing capability, which is not possible to build up with the existing knowledge of computing due to some technological limitations.

Grid computing has emerged as a potential platform for high-level computer oriented activities. It launches a new horizon in conventional computing and brings many unpredictable facilities in advance scientific and engineering research.  The  prime   opportunity which grid computing provides is resource shearing.  Here resources means processing power, networks bandwidth,  storage capacity,  and extensive   database   etc.   Resource sharing is a vital fact in computer intensive       research       activities.

Coalition of resources develops a collective     power,     which    helps scientists to visualize the mystery of success. In grid computing resource sharing is done virtually.   Resources are  simultaneously   applied   for a particular problem in order to make quick    processing    and    obtain    a definite  output.   All   resources  are jointly   work   as   a   single   system image. Eligible software’s are used to govern the whole system. Now   a   days   isolated   research activities is not quite effective to face the   upspring   demand   of   human being Ironically we are not concerned about our needs.’ We asked science     to make an honest explanation for the crucial situations. Science has a noble duty to give a perfect solution but more instrumental progress is essential in order to produce the desire output. Supercomputer is considered as a mega power in computing world. But integration between supercomputers is a smart idea to fight against the complexity of modern science. Grid  computing offers a  unified environment,   which  accelerate   the motion of present day science and engineering activities. For example if we imagine a research project which needs    frequent    participation    of scientists and  technicians, complex computer    simulations, laboratory support, mathematical analysis, proper database management,  and  instant results for subsequent action etc to make a decision, what we able to do? The  prompt answer is we need  aunique   collaboration   among   these things. On the other hand a proper resource management in order to get  the significant outcome. Scientist when he develops a method he needs the consultation with fellow scientists to make   the   right   justification.   This method is implemented in laboratories with     the     help     of     instruments, convenient   mathematical    analysis, essential computer simulations, and data base support.     After that the results send to scientists for successive process. The prior decision may need to update within a short span of time in order   to   achieve   a   new   solution. Basically    in    this    research    work scientists need  aggregate  processing speed, vast storage capacity, and huge networks bandwidth to survive the mission. But the reality is, resources are vnot organized within a single physical structure. Grid technology establishes bridges  among  these  resources  to conduct the whole plan. Resources are synchronized    to    produce    instant response although they are scattered. In a certain phase of a scientific research processing speed is a great concern in order to execute faster analysis,     in      this     case     single supercomputer may or may not be able to face the demand. So processing speed of supercomputers is needed to apply. Similarly when large-scale data is essential in a research work it need wide storage capacity. Compatible networks   bandwidth    is    also   an inevitable part in this regard. Grid technology develops a virtual organization. The operation of this virtual organization is maintained within a single structure. A central server is monitoring and controls the whole process. Grid technology is used in many constructive purposes. For example it   is  used   in   High   Energy  and Nuclear Physics, Climate analysis, Astrophysics, Automotive and aerospace,  for collaborative design and data-intensive testing; financial services, for running long, complex scenarios   and   arriving   at   more accurate decisions; life sciences, for analyzing and decoding strings of

biological and chemical information government, for enabling seamless collaboration and agility in both civil and    military    departments    and agencies;    higher    education    for enabling     advanced,     data     and computer intensive research. Benefits of this robust technology are many. It ensure-maximum use of resources, Increaseis productivity and collaboration, smoothes and speeds up solution within a minimum time slot. Mor flexible, resilient operational infrastructures Avoiding   common   pitfalls   of over-provisioning   and    incurring excess costs In     modern     technology    grid computing is the harbinger of a new age. Its enormous contribution in science and business area brings a ray of hope, which empowers us to face   the   challenge   of   upcoming generation.

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