HP Introduces: New Anti-tampering Seals

HP has introduced new anti-tampering stickers in Bangladesh in the last week of July last as; a part of its continuous effort to combat refill and counterfeit products in the market. The new stickers are more elegant in designand have some complex features those are really difficult to reproduce.  The new stickers come in pair. The stickers are pasted on top and at the bottom of all LaserJet print cartridges. There is a third label on the front of every .’laserjet print cartridge portraying the means to identify original HP supplies. The stickers are pasted on the two sides of all the ink cartridges.

Among the new features, Continuous [mage Trust Seal, Complex and colorful line works, and Heat Sensitive Inks are mentionable. Moreover, there is an online checking system which will enable the customers to verify the authenticity of the supplies th’ey buy. There is a HP number, printed vertically on the security sticker and a password. The password number is hidden in the gray area of the stickers and have to collected scratching off the gray portion. With the HP number and password the customers may logon to www.clieckgenuine.com website and check if the set of numbers are original. If the numbers do not match, the customer will know that the product is not[genuine. The customers can enter an online promotion jand can win attractive prizes.

HP gave away the prizes won by customers who participated in the online program. For the month of May, Kazi Md. Mahbubul Quader won a HP ScanJet 2400 and eight other winners received a beautiful wrist watch’each. Md. Ashraful Alam from BASIC Bank won a Dhaka- Bangkok-Dhaka air ticket for the month’of June. The customers who participate in the online program will stand a chance to win a Dhaka-Bangkok-Dhaka air ticket every month till September.

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