IBM NCR 3330

IBM NCR 3330

A Powerful Desktop

NCR has enhanced its AT bus product line with the addition of the NCR 3330, a powerful desktop computer that delivers superior upgradability. The NCR 3330, based on industry standard AT-but architecture and Intel486 microprocessor technology, contains two processor sockets and is upgradable through the entire i486 family. Upgrading a DX-based system with a DX2 processor can be done by simply replacing a chip; the math coprocessor is already integrated on the chip. Upgrading an SX-based system with an Overdrive processor can be done by simply adding a chip.

The NCR 3330 supports MS-DOS, Windows, SCO-UNIX, OS/2 and Novell NetWare operating environments. The 3330 is available with a minimum of 4 MB memory. The 16-bit, Advanced VGA video subsystem supports 1024 x 768 resolution with 256 colors. Other standard features include three internal half-height disk drive positions, four full-size 16-bit AT epan-sion slots and password security. Some optional features include the choice of 80, 120, 160 or 240 MB fixed disk drives and a connector for an external flex disk or tape drive.

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