Us scientists have come up with a new “machine”, which is made up of biochemicals and not silicon, to mimic the human brain.

John Ross of Stanford University said that such a machine would exist within the year and could be initially used for basic computations, such as addition and subtraction.

Ross with his co-workers Allen Hjelmsfelt and Edward Weinberger at the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Gottin-gen have designed this simple computer, which essentially, allowed model neurons to conduct binary computations using many of the same biochemicals used in the human brain.

The first prototype the team will build will be a Turing machine, based on the chemical reactions of specific enzymes. A Turing computer is a machine that can add two numbers of any size in binary code.

The theoretical chemical computer begins by creating model neurons ‘reaction mechanisms’ consisting of several compartments of enzymes sitting in a common liquid. These reactions can be artificially maintained with high or low concentrations.

LEADS Corporation Ltd., the exclusive distributor of NCR Corporation, USA, has recently obtained a contract of US$330,000.00 for computerizing the entire Front & Back office as well as Food & Beverage outlets of Hotel Sonargaon. The products that will be installed in Hotel Sonargaon consist of a midrange NCR System 3445 with AT & T UNIX Rel. 4, several terminals and personal computers, NCR 2760 F&B Terminal System etc.

Mr. Shaikh Abdul Aziz, Managing Director of LEADS Corporation Ltd. and Andrew McBurine, General Manager of Sonargaon Hotel signed for their respective organization.

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