Market Share for PCs Increasing

All Investments in PCs except those in handwriting recognition, in general look good This is the observation of the venture c apiarists, who met at the investor seminar on computer industry, sponsored by two US based companies. While the seminar reports described handwriting recognition and pen based software as a niche market, they discouraged investment in handwriting recognitions saying it is likely to be a disappointment.

According to Sentry Market Research, one of the two sponsors, a record spending of 15% more than 1991, or upward of 5>34 billion, is expected on computers this year. Sentry predicts that corporate buyers, for the first time in computer industry history, will spend as much on PCs as they do on mainframes. Budgeting for corporate sites on PCs is estimated at an average of SI .67 million for each site in the coming year.

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