Portable CD-ROM Drive: Only US$400

Originally Published on the Monthly Computer Jagat Magazine in 1994

CD Technology Inc. of USA has began shipping the CD Prota-Drive T4100 portable CD-ROM drive. The 1- by 6- by 8 inch drive weighs 1 pound, hasaToshibaXM-4101 drive mechanism with an average access time of 320 milliseconds and a transfer rate of 300 kilobytes per second. It has a 64K memory buffer, a SCSI-2 or SCSI interface, and a head phone jack. The T4100 is compatible with MPC computer systems, Macintoshes and photo CD applications and can play standard audio CDs. It is a caddyless system than can be positioned either horizontally or vertically without having play back problems.

For further information:

CD Technology Inc.

764 San Aleso Ave.,

Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Fax : 408-752-8501

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