Two New Products From Creative Technologies Now Available in Bangladesh

Two new outstanding products \ from the house of Creative | Technologies are now available in j Bangladesh market. The first one is ! Creative DC-CAM 302 targeted for ] the digital photographs enthusiasts j who are looking for an offorbable \ feature rich digital camera that can i deliver spectacular image, while the | second one ‘Creative 1-Trigu L3450 \ and L3500 targeted for the music I enthusiasts seeking a stylish and \ power speaker system to complement their life style.

Creative DC-CAM 3000Z is perfectly designed for pristine quality pictures on the go, featuring a high precision 3-2 Mega pixels effective CCD sensor making it perfect for printing on A4-size photo paper and larger. Creative DC-CAM 30002 has 3x Optical Zoom lens with an additional 2x Digital Zoom capability. With its built-in 16MB memory and SD memory expansion slot, this camera promises to bring unlimited spectacular digital photography and video recording to the masses.

Creative DC-CAM 3000Z also comes with high-value bundled software with wide range of photo and video editing tools.

Its high precision 3.2 Mega Pixels effective CCD sensor, allows realistic printing on A4-size photo paper and larger, powerful 3x Optical Zoom plus 2x Digital Zoom for close-up shots of objects even at a     distance     and     Intelligence Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) Strobe Flash has an effective range of 0.80m to 2m.

With killer looks and an exceptional audio fidelity, the Creative 1-Trigue L3500 and L3450 I incorporate a winning combination i of design and technology. Each | new Creative I-Trigue speaker j system features bi-amplification for I optimum performance in specific \ frequency ranges and more accurate j sound reproduction. Lateral Firing j Transducers (LFT) on each speaker I produces exceptional low frequency 1 response that also widens the I listening soundstage. On the front \ of each speaker, two tTitanium I micro drivers deliver stunningly i precise highs and mids.

The Creative 1-Trigue L3500 \ comes in silver and black, ideal for ; enhancement of any desktop with a ) flat panel monitor. The Creative 1-i Trigue L3450 is presented in a cool -: white finish that complements a flat i panel monitor, NOMAD Jukebox Zen i or Apple iPod digital audio player. ;

The new Creative I-Trigue I speaker systems include a versatile I wired remote with M-PORT”! ) technology for streaming music j from compatible Creative digital | audio players*. The volume ; control also includes auxiliary fine-I in and a headphone jack, in addition • to power, volume and bass controls. I Contact Telephone : 9567846 Ext: I  206

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