Shrink-wrapped Unix SVR 4.2

Originally posted in 1992 (Computer Jagat)

UNIX Systems Laboratories Inc. (USL) of USA, has announced a new streamlined and vastly simplified version of the Unix operating system that puts all the powerof advanced 32-bit business and personal computing under graphical ‘print and click’ control.

“This is an easy-to-use Unix system, ideally suited for commercial users running distributed, mission-critical applications,” explains Roel Piepcr, president and CEO, USL. “It is extremely flexible, reliable and secure and lets users run the same applications across machines ranging from laptops to servers to mainframes. This is serious power for everyone, whether they are downsizing from mainframes or upsizing fom performance-limited DOS or Windows systems,” he added.

The product, Unix System V Release 4.2 (SVR 4.2), is expected to be widely used as a PC LAN server and as a low-end database and application server, areas where the Unix system already excel because of its proven multitasking, multiuser and networking power, said the company.

In a mini mum configuration, the new Unix system requires only 4 megabytes of memory and a 60-mcgabytc hard disk to run on a 16 MHz Intel 386 SX portable or desktop computer. As a typical client running several applications, SVR 4.2 requires 6 megabytes of RAM and an 80- to 120- megabyte hard disk. These requirements make Unix SVR 4.2 a very hardware efficient and cost-efficient desktop and low-end server solution.

SVR 4.2 runs more than 6,000 documented Unix system applications that already have been ported to SVR 4, as well as applications previously written for Unix System V, Sun OS, SCO and the Berkely software distribution derivative. Besides this, it will also comply with the application environment specification issued by the Open Software Foundation.

With the addition of emulation utilities available from several Unix software vendors, the new Unix system will also run DOS and Windows applications. It will support client/server and pecr-to-peer architectures simultaneously. This will make it a very strong foundation for distributed database applications.

First implementations of the Unix SVR 4.2 will be for Intel 386/486, for which source code was shipped by the end of July. As for Sparc and MlPS-based platforms, they are expected to be available in the market by the end of the current year.

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