TigerAFIS ranks number 1 in the US Government NIST MINEX testing

Also Receives Full MINEX Certification

Dhaka, Nov 1, 2009 – TigerIT Bangladesh Limited, a leading global provider of AFIS and identity management solutions, announced today that the company’s fingerprint matching and extracting algorithms proved overall superiority and ranked number 1 in the Minutiae Interoperability Exchange (MINEX) test by the NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology). The NIST test results were released on October 27, 2009 and revealed that combination of the TigerAFIS enrollment template generator and the matcher showed False Non-Match Rate 0.06% at a fixed False Match Rate of 0.01 for two fingers, outperforming everyone including former leaders NEC (0.08%), Cogent (0.11%) and Sagem (0.12%).

The complete Minex result can be found at http://fingerprint.nist.gov/minex/Results.html,

where the most significant cells are marked in yellow, which denotes the accuracy of the combination of vendors’ own template generator and matcher.

Along with the best result for the combination of template generator and matcher, both these components of TigerAFIS maintain high interoperability. TigerAFIS combines its own false non match rate of 0.0006 with 0.0021 for median for template matcher and with 0.0031 for median enrollment generator into another best number among all of the vendors (the median is most relevant as it helps to remove the irregularities caused by nearly non-compliant vendors in the test). This result establishes that TigerAFIS template generator manages to effectively filter out noisy minutiae and yet preserve enough information to remain highly interoperable.

The growing use of biometrics for security applications in national-ID and e-passport has focused attention on the importance of interoperability among multiple matching systems. The MINEX test, conducted by NIST and sponsored by the Justice Management Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security US-VISIT program, determines the feasibility of using minutiae data for the exchange of fingerprint information between dissimilar fingerprint matching systems.

TigerAFIS had demonstrated an excellent performance in NIST PFT test as well.

At a False Match Rate of 0.01%, TigerAFIS’ accuracy for a two-finger match was in the top three across all participants (47 SDKs) scoring a 99.9% True Match Rate in average in the largest NIST dataset.

TigerAFIS is probably the fastest AFIS in the world with the highest accuracy as of today.  It has a speed of 30 million fingerprint matches per second (measured in a dual QUAD core XEON 3.33 GHz server).

Further information can be found on the NIST web site at http://fingerprint.nist.gov/minex/index.html .

About TigerIT:

TigerIT Bangladesh Limited, headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh, is a full-service developer of multimodal biometric identity solutions for both government agencies and the private sector. TigerIT is routinely considered by many to employ the most experienced and capable development team in Bangladesh. Some of the end-customers that benefit from TigerIT include global Fortune 500 corporations. TigerIT solutions are developed in both an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14000:2004 certified environment.

Web: www.tigeritbd.com

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  1. Saydujjaman says:

    According to Watson of NIST: Tiger IT has participated in 2 different evaluations at NIST there is no test result certification from this office.

    I was excited by seeing this good news but when i contact with NIST responsible person “Watson, Craig I.” For verifying the news:

    He reply me as follows:
    Tiger IT has participated in 2 different evaluations at NIST. You can see their results at the links below.

    http://fingerprint.nist.gov/PFT/index.html – PFT is an evaluation of current 1-to-1 matching technology using proprietary templates, there is no test result certification.

    http://fingerprint.nist.gov/minex/index.html – MINEX is an evaluation of 1-to-1 matching technology using interoperable templates, there is no test result certification from this office. For information on PIV certified products go to http://fips201ep.cio.gov/

    Hope this helps.

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